Appearance: – The White-faced Whistling Duck has a white face and crown, a black nape and upper neck with a white spot on the throat, a rich chestnut brown lower neck, breast, and back, barred black and white flanks, and the rump, tail under-parts, and underside of wings are black. The beak is dark grey or black, and its legs are dark bluish-grey. Both sexes are similar.

Size: – Typical Adult is 16-18 inches.

Food: – Mainly aquatic vegetation, seeds, grasses, weeds and small aquatic animals.

Habitat: – Wetlands, freshwater lakes, and reservoirs in south America, and Africa – south of the Sahara.

Breeding Season: – August to October in Trinidad.

Eggs: – 8 to 12 (creamy-white color with pinkish tinge).

Notes: – The White-faced Whistling Duck is also sometimes called the White-faced Tree Duck. This duck is a good swimmer and diver but does not readily perch but rests during the day on sandbanks or islands and feeds during the night. As with other Whistling Ducks, this is a noisy duck with a clear three-note whistling call.

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