Male – The male Velvet Scoter has an all black plumage except for white around the eye and a white speculum, whitish eyes, the beak is orange-yellow with a red tip and the base of the beak has a swollen black knob. Legs and feet are reddish-brown with darker webbed feet.
Female – The female has a dark-brown plumage with two pale patches on each side of the head, brown eyes, lacks the knob on the beak, and white wing patches.

Size: – Typical Adult is 20-22 inches.

Food: – Mainly dives for molluscs and crustaceans, also mussels, fish spawn, and insect larvae.

Habitat: – Coastal waters, rivers, wooded tundra, and large inland lakes in northern Europe, western Siberia, and the north-west of North America. Winters in Europe, Black Sea, coastal Far East, and the USA in California with a small number around the Great Lakes region.

Breeding Season: – From mid-May.

Eggs: – 8 to 9 (creamy-white or ivory color).

Notes: – The Velvet Scoter is a large sea duck which is also sometimes called the Velvet Duck or Whitewing.

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