Male – The male Torrent Duck has a black crown and hind neck, a white face, dark stripe through the dark-brown eye and running down the sides of the neck, bright-red beak, the breast and under-parts are whitish (Columbian species) with black streaks or can be blackish (Chilean species), the back is streaked black and white or buff color, the wings are grey-brown with a green speculum, a stiff grey-brown tail, and the legs are reddish with darker large webbed feet.
Female – The female is smaller and has a reddish face, throat, fore-neck, and under-parts, a grey crown and hind-neck, the upper-parts are similar to the male and the speculum is duller.

Size: – Typical Adult is 17-18 inches.

Food:- Aquatic insects, larvae, molluscs, and small fish.

Habitat: – Fast flowing mountain rivers, and also calmer waters throughout western South America.

Breeding Season: – November to June

Eggs: – 3 to 4 (creamy-brown color).

Notes: – The Torrent Duck was assigned to the Perching Duck family but is now thought to be placed in the Shelduck family. It is the only member of the genus Merganetta. There are several sub-species of Torrent Duck throughout South America all with various colour variations.

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