Male – The male has a whitish face with a black band running from the top of the head down the nape, a deep chestnut-brown back, pale-grey flanks, a black speckled salmon colored breast, black tail and white rump, a distinctive white patch on the wings, and iridescent green tertials. Both male and female remain colorful throughout the year, lacking an eclipse plumage.
Female – The female has a brown back, and brown face with white patches, pale barred chest and pale belly. Both sexes have a grey-blue beak with black tip, brown eyes, and the feet and legs are pink.

Size: – Typical Adult is 14-15 inches.

Food: – Aquatic plants, seeds, and insects.

Habitat: – Wetlands, tropical swampy forests, marshy clearings in well-wooded lowlands, pools and streams in north-west Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Breeding Season: – March to September.

Eggs: – 5 to 12 (whitish color).

Notes: – The Ringed Teal is a very small South American duck which can perch and nest in trees. It is sometimes classed as a perching duck but also sometimes classed as a dabbling duck.

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