Bantam Ducks

All Miniature Bantam Ducks fly well and are recommended that new stock is either clipped/pinioned/ or in a covered pen until they settle.They are also best as pairs as single pet females often fly in spring to find a mate preferring rough Mallard to being single

Bantam Ducks

Bantam Ducks

 Bantam Ducks are garden ducks. Much lighter in weight than the traditional egg-laying and table birds, the bantams can make good pets. Tight sitters and fair layers, these smaller ducks will make less mess in the garden than Rouens or Indian Runners. If pets and looks are more important than performance, then bantams are a good choice.

Bantam ducks are now given a separate category from Call Ducks at the shows since the Calls are so numerous, and now have several standard colors.
Ducks in the Bantam category are either miniatures or bantams. The Miniature Appleyard is 1/3 the size of the Large Silver Appleyard.
Bantam weights like the Silver Bantam ducks are strictly ¼ the size of larger strains. All of these bantam ducks are better layers than Calls. Calls and Miniatures have become very popular as pet ducks in the last 30 years. They are cheap to keep and are ideal garden pets.

Bantam ducks are small, hardy, easy to feed, require less space to contain, fun to look at, less mess, good resale value, less energy/resources exhausted in egg production, will set on their own eggs, make excellent mothers, good longevity, and very personable pets.

Call Ducks

The smaller cousin of the Cayuga

Black East Indies

Miniature Silver Appleyard

As with all crested not a beginners breed

Miniature Crested




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