Yokohama Chicken

The original long tail Yokohama Chicken were found in China but successively developed in Japan in the seventeenth century. Called Yokohama from the port of origin. Developed in Germany in the 19th century from the Japanese long-tailed breed called the Minohiki. When kept in optimum conditions the tails grow three feet a year. This breed is mainly used for exhibition.

Yokohama Chicken - Hen

Yokohama Chicken – Hen

Yokohama Chicken - Cock

Yokohama Chicken – Rooster

Characteristics: Can be broody, protective mothers and because of fancy feathering and not well suited for foul weather.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-4-1/2 pounds; hen-3-1/2 pounds; cockerel-4 pounds; pullet-3 pounds.
  • Skin Color: Yellow
  • Egg Shell Color: Tinted
  • Use: Exhibition
  • Origin: China

Interested in raising chickens, but not sure which breed might be right for you?

Things to consider:

Geography: Consider geography when selecting a breed. In cooler areas of the country, consider raising heavier birds. In hotter areas, consider lighter weight birds. Some birds have been specially breed for cold climates. Consider these birds if you live in a cold-climate area.

Space: Where will you be raising these chickens? Do you have a lot of farm land for the animals to be raised on, or are you planning to raise them in your backyard? If you have a small space in which to raise the birds, choose breeds with a calmer temperament and avoid birds that are listed as active. Active birds will not be happy in close confinement.

Temperament: When choosing a breed, consider temperament. Some breeds are calmer than others. If raising chickens in a backyard or in the city, you may prefer a calmer breed.

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