Welsummer Chicken

Welsummer Chickens were created at the same time as Barnevelders but on the Ysel river area around Deventer in Holland. They are reputed to be made from breeds including partridge versions of Cochin, Leghorn and Wyandotte with later additions of Barnevelder and Rhode Island. Imported initially in 1928 and classed here as the heavier light breed.An excellent back garden egg layer normally good with children.

Welsummer Chicken - Hen

Welsummer Chicken – Hen

Welsummer Chicken - Cock

Welsummer Chicken – Rooster

Characteristics: Welsummer Chicken is one of the premier ‘Brown Eggers’ Producing eggs of a rich dark terracotta color. Both males and females look attractive. Many people describe them as, What a farmyard chicken should really look like.

  • Standard Weights: Cock-6 pounds; hen-4 pounds; cockerel-5 pounds; pullet-3-1/2 pounds.
  • Skin Color: Yellow
  • Egg Shell Color: Brown
  • Use: Egg Producer
  • Origin: Holland

Interested in raising chickens, but not sure which breed might be right for you?

Things to consider:

Geography: Consider geography when selecting a breed. In cooler areas of the country, consider raising heavier birds. In hotter areas, consider lighter weight birds. Some birds have been specially breed for cold climates. Consider these birds if you live in a cold-climate area.

Space: Where will you be raising these chickens? Do you have a lot of farm land for the animals to be raised on, or are you planning to raise them in your backyard? If you have a small space in which to raise the birds, choose breeds with a calmer temperament and avoid birds that are listed as active. Active birds will not be happy in close confinement.

Temperament: When choosing a breed, consider temperament. Some breeds are calmer than others. If raising chickens in a backyard or in the city, you may prefer a calmer breed.

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