African Black Duck

This Duck is an entirely black with white marks on its back. It lives in central and southern Africa. It is also known as the black river duck.

african black duck

African Black Duck

Appearance: The African Black Duck has a blackish-brown plumage with white markings on its back, grey beak with black markings, brown eyes, pale under-wings, distinctive blue speculum, and yellow legs and feet. Both sexes are alike.

Size: – Typical Adult is about 14 inches.

Food: – Aquatic plants, algae, seeds, invertebrates, aquatic insects and larvae.

Habitat: – Wetlands, wooded-areas, fast flowing rivers and streams in South Africa and eastern Africa – Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya.

Breeding Season: – July to February in South Africa.

Eggs: – 4 to 8 (creamy-white color).

Notes: – The African Black Duck is a large dabbling duck. It is sometimes called the Black River Duck, West African Black Duck, South African Black Duck, or Ethiopian Black Duck. It is a very shy duck which prefers to stay in fast flowing waters of rivers during the day.

The different types of wild ducks can be grouped into puddle, aka “dabbling” and diving ducks. The dabblers mostly feed in smaller bodies of shallow water or along shorelines, where they are able to tip their bodies forward to reach their food on the bottom. There are divers who feed in deeper water where they dive and pursue their quarry. Some of these birds, the Harlequin Duck for example, actually dives to the bottom of fast-flowing waters and feeds on life forms attached to rocks.

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