Poultry Breeding Coops

Breeding coops are not much different from production coops except you will not need as many nest boxes. Since the coop will hold a smaller amount of birds than production coops, they can be smaller. Unless you are planning on raising hundreds of chicks, a coop of 6 feet x 6 feet is enough to accommodate 5-7 birds. This would be six hens and one rooster.

If you plan on the hens hatching the eggs, the roosters should be removed from the breeding coops after the hens start to set on the eggs. Also any hens that have not started to brood should also be removed. This will allow the setting birds to settle in and not be disturbed. If you are breeding birds that do not easy brood, you will need to collect the eggs and either allow a foster hen to hatch them or hatch them using an incubator.

Breeding Coops

Small Breeder Coop

If you plan on having the hen raise the chicks there will be no need for a brooding coop. If you are hatching a lot of birds, the chicks should be moved to a brooding house with a good heat source. In most instances this will be a temporary structure unless you are breeding and raising many birds. In that case a permanent building to raise the chicks would be very beneficial.

Breeding Coops

Breeding Coop

The above coop is good for a trio of standard chickens or 4-5 bantams. This design will provide a lot of fresh air and provide adequate protection from predators.

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